Clinical Pilates for Mummies where you can bring your baby with you.

Clinical Pilates is excellent following birth and pregnancy to help strengthen your pelvic floor and core stability muscles. Muscles including your bottom, inner thighs, and tummy are strengthened alongside gentle relaxation and stretching suitable to your level.

It is normal to feel weaker following pregnancy especially with the sleep deprivation that babies bring along with them. Clinical Pilates will help to increase your confidence and strength and therefore your well being. In addition it enables you to mix with fellow mummies without the added pressure of childcare.

I am currently not running mummy and baby classes due to juggling my own two children and childcare. I hope to restart sessions in the future.

40.00 for 6 week course, 35 for 5 week course, 28 for 4 week course, 21 for 3 week course.