Information for those who are pregnant or have just had a baby and would like to join the pilates classes.

- I have completed an additional course specifically designed to enable me to be competent in teaching pilates exercises to those who are pregnant or those who have just had children.

- Some exercises will be fine for you to complete, others may have to be avoided or adapted to ensure you benefit from the exercises and that you are safe in the class.

- I am able to supply a pillow wedge and a swiss ball for those how are pregnant so you are able to complete certain stretches and exercises.

- Post-natal, it is sensible for you to wait six weeks before attending the pilates classes. I may assess you 1:1 before you attend the classes to ensure they are appropriate for you to attend.

- Ensure you wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring water or a drink with you when you attend the classes.

- Please check with your midwife/G.P to ensure it is safe for you to attend the pilates classes.