Class structure and length. Current class days and times. Current and Future course dates. Class prices.

- Classes run as a six or eight week course, of one class per week. This is to enable you to benefit the most from the classes. Additional exercises are added to increase the difficulty of the classes as the course progresses.

- Classes run for approximately 55 minutes, including warm up and cool down exercises/stretches and a main class.

- Classes are limited to 15 people to enable one to one teaching during the classes and for the exercises to be adapted to different levels for all those participating. At times 2-3 people may also attend from one of the other classes (as I allow people to come on alternate days).

- Classes are suitable for all those aged 16 and above and all abilities including beginners and those who have attended pilates before.

- Mats, pillows(pilates head pads), a resistance band and soft ova balls are provided for during the class.

- Exercise sheets provided for beginners weekly in the first six to eight week course.

- I recommend that you bring your own small towel and a drink to class.

- Current class days/times:


Thursday 9:15-10am
-Eight week courses 50.00 for the 8 weeks.
-Seven week courses 47.00 for the 7 weeks.
-Six week courses 40.00 for the 6 weeks.

Tues PM, Wed PM and Thurs 10-11am
- Six week courses are 53.00 for the 6 weeks.
- Seven week courses are 60 for the 7 weeks.
- Eight week courses are 68.00 for 8 weeks.
- I am flexible with shift workers/those who can not commit to all dates as far as possible with mat space.

- I allow a carry over for up to two weeks from courses where illness/extreme circumstances mean weeks are missed from one course to the next (when you sign up for the 6/8 week subsequent courses).

- Courses run throughout the year, please get in touch for current dates.