Data protection information (GDPR)

Clinical Pilates Personal Data Collection Policy

I collect your personal data relating to name, address, date of birth, email address, past medical history and exercise restriction information if applicable.
This is to allow myself to provide you with your pilates exercise class and communications for this class.

In addition your data is used to provide emergency contact information if there was an emergency during class.

You data will also be used to manage future communications between us including information about course details and booking these courses, and other communications relating to your participation in class or with regards to your pilates exercises you complete at home.

Clinical Pilates Storage of Personal Data

Your Past medical history forms and class questionnaire are stored in a locked cabinet secured inside my locked home residence. No one has access to this information aside from Mrs Nichola Simpson.

Your clinical information which refers to your past medical history form and class questionnaire is stored for up to 8 years as required by law.

Opting out of Storage of Personal Data and Future Communications

At any point you are free to request to have your details erased and communications from myself at any time stopped by emailing with proof of your identity.